Standardized Test Software

Regulaly monitor student learning progress without manual grading of Standardized tests. Computer software used for automatically collecting answer responses from standardized test bubble answer sheets uses optical mark recognition to capture the filled in checkbox responses and transfer the captured value data to an excel spreadsheet or other external data management software.

The computer software reads scanned bubble answer sheets which are used for standardized testing, at a rate of 30 pages per minute, producing faster collection of test results, and saving countless hours of time.

Design and Print your Own Standardized Test Sheets

Your own custom standardized test bubble answer papers which are used for collecting the standardized answers are created within the software and printed on plain paper. The sheets will integrate with and be automatically recognized by the software. This is another qualtiy feature of the software which isn’t available with other standardized testing software solutions which use optical mark recognition, and makes your form design flexible to your needs.

Scan and automatically detect marks

A free trial of Standardized testing software will let you try out this amazing fast solution to marking standardized test bubble answer sheets. The trial lasts for 30 days which is plenty of time to design and print your own answer sheet tests and automatically process them in the software for fast results from your next standardized classroom test or exam. Keep students motivated and save countless hours of teacher time that was once taken up with the manual process of gathering standardized test answer sheet results.

Free Download 30day software trial - A Software trial using Optical mark recognition to Automate Standardized answer Data collection from your next batch of bubble answer sheet tests.

Standardized testing computer software automates answer collection from standardized test paper bubble answer sheets and stores it as raw checkbox value data which can be exported to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Standardized test results are automatically exported to an excel spreadsheet or other external data management software.

Scan Standardized Test Bubble Sheets

Standardized test bubble answer sheets are scanned with a regular scanner then read and the checkbox answer responses are captured with Standardized Testing Software on a pc or laptop computer.

A regular document scanner with a document feeding tray is used for scanning bubble answer sheet standardized tests.

A scanner with an automatic document feeding tray is necessary when large volumes of paper standardized testing sheets are being scanned for automatic upload into computer software to be marked and scored.

The scanned standardized test sheets must be good quality, clear images so that the filled checkbox responses can be accurately detected by the optical mark recognition that is used by the software.

Scanned Test Sheet

The scanned images of standardized test sheets which will be marked automatically with computer software, must be clear and sharp with no broken lines or black smudges.

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